1. The Origin of Federalism in Nigeria
  2. Factors Responsible for the Adoption of Federalism in Nigeria
  3. Major Constitutional Conferences that Precipitated the Establishment of Federalism in Nigeria
  4. Constitutional Evolution of Federalism Up To 1914


The Origin of Federalism in Nigeria

Before the advent of colonial rule, Nigeria was made up of various independent kingdoms which were tribal in nature. The British government annexed Lagos in 1861 and formally took over the administration of Nigeria in 1900. The British government then established two protectorates namely Northern and Southern Protectorates and administered it separately from the Colony of Lagos. The origin of Nigerian federalism can therefore be traced to from 1914 as outlined below.

  1. In 1914, Lord Lugard amalgamated the Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria and the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria.
  2. In 1922 Sir Hugh Clifford became the Governor and a constitution named Clifford Constitution was promulgated. The Constitution provided for legislative councils for the Colony and Southern Protectorate of Nigeria. The Northern region was excluded from the council.

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