JSS2 Basic Technology Scheme of Work for First Term




Revision of work done in JSS1

  • Revision of work done in the previous term/session
  • (a) (i) Meaning of First Aid
    (ii) Materials Used in First Aid
  • (b) Application of Simple First Aid
  • (c) ABC of First Aid –  Bleeding and breaks, circulation (pulses)
  • (d) Application of ABC of First Aid

Rescue Operations

Rescue Operations

Materials and their Common Uses

  • (a) Wood – Furniture, building construction, handle of implements, etc.
  • (b) Metals – Household utensils, vehicle and ship parts.

Materials and their Common Uses

  • (c) Brass – Decorations, ammunition, etc.
  • (d) Bronze – Carving, statues and ornaments
  • (e) Ceramics – Tiles, household utensils, etc.

Geometric Construction

  • Circles:
    (i) Parts of a Circle (diameter, radius, sector, quadrant, circumference, etc.
    (ii) Circle Drawing
    (iii) Use of Set Square and Compasses to Divide a Circle into 4, 8 and 12 Equal Parts

Geometric Construction

  • Revision of work done in First Term

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