JSS2 Business Studies Scheme of Work for First Term





  • Revision of work done in JSS1
  • (a) The Reception Office:
    (i) Meaning and Description of the Reception Office
  • (b) The Receptionist:
    (i) Meaning of Receptionist
    (ii) Importance of Receptionist
    (iii) Qualities of a Receptionist
  • (c) Duties of a Receptionist:
    (i) How to Receive and Treat Visitors
    (ii) Procedure Involved in Answering a Telephone Call
    (iii) Appropriate Office Dress Code
  • (d) Documents Handled by a Receptionist
  • (a) Correspondence Records:
    (i) Types of Correspondence Records
    (ii) Uses of Correspondence Records
  • (b) Ways Mail Come into an Organization
  • (c) Procedure for Handling Mails and Correspondence
  • (a) (i) Meaning of Office Documents
    (ii) Types of Office Documents
  • (b) Sales Documents:
    (i) Preparation of Office Documents
    (ii) Uses of Office Documents
  • (c) Purchases Documents:
    (i) Preparation of Office Documents
    (ii) Uses of Office Documents
  • (a) (i) Meaning of Trade
    (ii) Importance of Trade
  • (b) Forms of Trade:
    (i) Home Trade
    (ii) Foreign Trade
  • (c) Aids to Trade: Banking, Insurance, Advertising, Communication, Transportation, Tourism, etc.
  • (d) Role of Custom and Excise in Foreign Trade
  • (a) (i) Meaning of Market
    (ii) Features of Market
  • (b) Types of Market: Capital Market, Money Market and Commodity Market
  • (c) Institutions and Instruments Traded in Each Type of Market


  • (d) Careers in the Capital Market
  • (e) Buying and Selling:
    (i) Meaning of Buying and Selling, Cash or Credit
  • (f) Transaction: Costs of Sale, Markup, turnover, profit and loss
  • (a) Meaning of Distribution
  • (b) Channels or Chains of Distribution:
    (i) Producer/Manufacturer
    (ii) Wholesaler
    (iii) Retailer
    (iv) Consumer
    (v) Functions of Each of the Channels of Distribution
  • (c) Licensed Chemical Vendors
  • (d) Handling and Distribution of Chemicals 
  • (e) Effects of Wrong Handling of Chemicals
  • (f) When Production Ends
  • (a) Definition of Commercial Bank 
  • (b) Bank Services
  • (c) Ethical Issues in Banking
  • Revision of work done in First Term

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