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Gay- Lussac’s law describes the combining volumes of gases that react together. In his experiment, all temperatures and pressures were kept constant:

A. STEAM: Gay- Lussac’s observed that two volumes of hydrogen reacted with one volume of oxygen to yield two volumes of steam

B. HYDROGEN CHLORIDE GAS: One volume of hydrogen combined with one volume of chloride to yield two volumes of hydrogen.

Gay- Lussac’s noticed that the combining volumes as well as the volumes of the products, if gaseous, were related by simple ratios of whole numbers. He proposed the law of combining volume or gaseous volumes.

Hence; Gay- Lussac’s law combining volumes states that when gases react, they do so in volumes which are in simple ratios to one another and to the volumes of the products, if gaseous provide that the temperature and the pressure remain constant.


1. What is the volume of oxygen required to burn completely 45 of methane (CH4)?

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