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  1. Definition of Gear Drive
  2. Seizure
  3. Types of Gears
  4. Uses of Gear
  5. Power Transmission
  6. Changing Direction
  7. Selecting Speed
  8. Functions of Lubricants in Gears
  9. Importance of Applying Lubricants to Gears

Definition of Gear Drive

This is a device used to transmit motion between parallel or inclined shafts that are close to each other (such that the tooth on the wheel mounted on the shafts mesh together). When two gears are in mesh, they are called GEAR TRAIN. Friction always occurs between the meshed teeth of the gear train. Constant lubrication is therefore necessary to prevent wearing. The teeth on each gears in mesh must be uniformly spaced around the gear (that is symmetrical) for them to mesh properly and to prevent damage of the tooth. Improperly meshed gears can also lead to seizure of the gear train.

Seizure is the total movement stoppage of the gear train.

Unlike the belt and the chain drive, the driver and the driven gear move in different directions.

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