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  1. What is a Quadrilateral?
  2. Examples of Quadrilaterals
  3. Construction of a Square
  4. Construction of a Rectangle
  5. Construction of a Parallelogram
  6. Construction of a Rhombus
  7. Construction of a Trapezium


What is a Quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral is a plane figure bounded by four straight sides and whose four angles add up to 3600. The line joining two opposite corners of quadrilateral is known as diagonal.

Examples of Quadrilaterals

  1. Squares
  2. Rectangle
  3. Parallelogram
  4. Rhombus
  5. Trapezium
  6. Kite etc.


Construction of A Square

E.g.: How to construct a square given that one of its sides is 60mm


  1. Draw the given side AB to be 60 mm.
  2. With centre A and a convenient radius, draw a semicircle at A. use the semicircle to draw a vertical line at AE
  3. With center A and a radius AB, draw an arc to cut the vertical line at D, with center B and with the same radius, draw an arc at C.

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