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  1. Meaning of Home Trade
  2. Retail Trade
  3. Small Scale Retailing
  4. Large Scale Retailing
  5. Mail Order Business
  6. Modern Trends in Retailing
  7. Reasons Why Retail Businesses Fail


Meaning of Home Trade

Home trade is the buying and selling of goods and services within a geographical area of a nation. This type of trade takes place within the boundaries of the country. It is also called internal or domestic trade.

Diagram Showing the Classification of Home Trade


1(a) Define home trade.

(b) With the aid of a diagram, illustrate the branch of home trade.

Meaning of Retail Trade

Retail trade is the business activity of buying goods in small quantities from the wholesalers and selling in bits to the final consumers. Retailing is the final link in the chain of distribution. The person who engages in retail trade is called a retailer. Retail activities can be classified into small scale and large scale retail trade.

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