1. Meaning of Human Trafficking
  2. Types of Human Trafficking
  3. Recruitment Methods in Human Trafficking
  4. The Prerequisites for Trafficking
  5. Causes of Human Trafficking


Meaning of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the voluntary or forceful taking away of children, women or some helpless individuals into another environment or country for cheap labour, sometimes as prostitutes, househelps, etc. Those most vulnerable to human trafficking are women and children. They are taken away with or without the consent of their family members. In other cases, families of the victims receive money from the traffickers for the victim to be taken away.

According to the United Nations (UN), human trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, transfer or receipt of persons by means of threat or use of force, fraud, and deception or the giving or receiving of payment to achieve the consent of a person, for the purpose of exploitation. In the case of children, consent is not there. Prostitution is one of the types of work that victims of trafficking are engaged in at destination countries. Prostitution is the offering of sexual services in exchange for money.

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