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  1. Definition of Concepts
  2. Location of Industry
  3. Localization of Industries
  4. The Role of Industrialization in Economic Development
  5. How the Government Encourages Industrialization
  6. Strategies of Industrialization
  7. Problems of Industrialization in West Africa
  8. Infant Industries
  9. Nigeria’s Indigenization Policy
  10. Nationalization


Definition of Concepts


Industry can be defined as commercial production and sale of goods or a specific branch of production and trade. In these sense, industry refers to a collective term for a group of activities directed to the production of a given class of commodities or a group of firms engaged in the same area of production, example, all firms producing textiles belong to the textile industry.


This refers to a single unit or entity that carries out production of goods or services. It is a single independently administered business unit of an industry.

Factory and Plant

Factory is an industrial building where laborers manufacture goods or supervise machines processing one product into another.

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