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  1. Meaning of Inflation
  2. Types of Inflation
  3. Causes of Inflation
  4. Effects of Inflation
  5. Control of Inflation


  1. Meaning of Deflation
  2. Causes of Deflation
  3. Effects of Deflation
  4. Control of Deflation

Inflation in Nigeria

Measures Taken by the Government to Control Inflation in Nigeria



Meaning of Inflation

Inflation can be defined as a high and persistent rise in the general price level. It is defined as a condition where there is rise in the average level of price.  It is a situation in which supply is not keeping pace with demand and a situation in which too much money is chasing too few goods.

While anything that tends to increase price is termed inflation and anything that tends to reduce price is termed deflation, it is not every price increase that is inflationary. A ‘’Once and for all Increase‘’ in the price level may not be tantamount to inflation.

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