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  1. Inter-Ethnic Rivalry
  2. The Nature of Ethnic Conflicts or Rivalry in Nigeria
  3. Problems of Secession in Nigeria
  4. Measures to Avoid Secession in Nigeria


Inter-Ethnic Rivalry

Since the inception of Nigeria, there has been rivalry among the different ethnic groups especially the major ethnic groups of Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani. The major problem is the question of leadership in the country. None of them want to concede the leadership of the country to the other.


The Nature of Ethnic Conflicts in Nigeria

The nature of ethnic conflicts in Nigeria is in various forms namely:

  1. Political Disturbances: Some ethnic group may purposely cause problems in the country to destabilize the government.
  2. Destruction of Lives and Properties: Some ethnic groups take laws into their hands by killing people and destroying their properties to show their displeasures to the happenings in the society.
  3. Holding people as Hostages: Relatives of some important personalities or influential members of the society may be kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination until a ransom is paid. This is done in order to also show their displeasure over an issue or issues happening in the society.
  4. Boundary Disputes: Many at times, there are communal clashes over a piece of land or boundaries. This sometimes leads to loss of many lives and properties.
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