1. Definition of Music
  2. Definition of Sound
  3. Sources of Sound
  4. Uses of Music/The Impact of Music on Human Life
  5. Musical Terms


Definition of Music

Music is regarded as the combination of organized sounds. The most important thing in the definition of music is that it must be an organized sound. Sound is the main source of music. However for sound to be regarded as music it must be organized, regular and definite. Noise is the opposite of musical sound. It is produced by irregular and indefinite sound. Another name for noise is raw sound.


Definition of Sound

Sound is a vibration of air which is heard when it is produced. It is also a sensation produced by objects through striking, plucking, bowing and blowing. Human beings can produce sound by singing, clapping and of course by playing musical instruments.

Introduction to music - Definition of music - Definition of sound


Sources of Sound

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