1. Definition of Physics
  2. The Importance of Physics
  3. Aspects/Careers in Physics
  4. Branches of Physics


Definition of Physics

The word ‘’PHYSICS’’ originates from the Greek word, ‘’PHYSIS’’, which means nature and natural characteristics.

Physics as a body of scientific knowledge, deals with the study of events in the universe, both remote and immediate universe.

In actual sense, physics deals with the behaviour of matter as well as the interaction of matter and natural forces.

Physics is the study of matter in relation to energy.


The Importance of Physics

Physics is important for the following reasons:

  1. Physics is constantly striving to make sense of the universe. This is seen in the development of theories and new theories used for better understanding of the universe.
  2. When we study physics, we acquire the knowledge and skills to understand how and why natural things happen the way they do, and to make reliable predictions about their future occurrences.

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