1. Definition of Government
  2. Government as an Institution of the State
  3. Government as a Process or Act of Governing
  4. Government as an Academic Field of Study
  5. The Characteristics of Government
  6. The Functions of Government


Definition of Government

Government may be defined as an organized group of persons who direct and control the affairs of a society, country or state. Government may also be defined as a body of persons or an institution which makes and executes laws for the smooth running of the state.

Furthermore, government as a concept may be defined generally from three main perspectives:

  1. Government as an institution of the state e.g. legislature, executive, judiciary, etc.
  2. Government as a process or act of governing.
  3. Government as an academic field of study

Government as an Institution of the State

This means that government is a machinery, agency or channel through which the will or business of the state is carried out.

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