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  1. Speech Work: Morphemes (Word Boundaries – Prefixes)
  2. Structure: Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
  3. Comprehension: Summary Writing
  4. Composition: Narrative Essay (A Memorable Day)
  5. Literature: Poetry- Structure, Themes and Literary Devices in “The Outcast”  by Flourish Amoo and Yinka Akindele


ASPECT: Composition

TOPIC: Narrative Essay – “A Memorable Day”

Content: Educator should use contextual or related events as a guide to teaching the topic.


ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Morphemes – Word Boundaries – Prefixes

Meaning of Affixes

Affixes are small word bits. They are added to the base forms of particular words. There are two main kinds in English: prefixes and suffixes.

Meaning of Prefixes

Prefixes are affixes added to the beginning of the base forms. e.g. un-, dis-, im-, non-, il-, in-, mis-, mal-, over-, sub-, sur-, out-, inter-, trans-,  pre-, pro-, post-, ex-, re-, E.g.

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