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  1. Speech Work: The Vowel Sounds /iə/ and /eə/
  2. Structure: Synonyms
  3. Vocabulary Development: The Law Register
  4. Composition: The Responsibilities of Government
  5. Literature: Prose – Reading and Appreciation of Recommended Text: The Triumph of Doggedness by Stephen Ekwealormmeh

ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: The Vowel Sounds /iə/ and /eə/

Description of the Vowel Sounds /iə/ and /eə/

These two sounds are diphthongs meaning that they have double sounds. The double sounds are achieved through a glide from the initial sound to the other through the process of their articulation. Thus we have the sound /iə/ as we have in words like

/iə/ beard, tear, here, cheer.

/eə/ air, pear, their, share.

Listen to your teacher pronounce these sounds and repeat after him/her.


  1. Identify the diphthongs in the following words: really, here, heir, near, weird, idea, weird, air.

ASPECT: Structure

TOPIC: Synonyms

Meaning of Synonyms

A synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another word.

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