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  1. Speech Work: Consonant Sounds
  2. Structure: The Use of ‘Even Though’ and ‘At Least’
  3. Composition: Narrative Essays (A Journey I Once Made)
  4. Literature in English: Poetry

ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Consonant Sounds

Meaning of Consonant

A consonant is a speech sound, which is produced with the obstruction of the airstream. The obstruction could be ‘partial’ or ‘total’.

There are 24 consonant sounds in English studies. They are:

/p/  /b/  /ʈ/  /d/  /k/  /g/  /ʧ/  /ʤ/  /f/  /v/  /θ/  /ð/  /s/  /z/  /∫/  /Ӡ/  /h/  /Ɩ/  /r/  /m/  /ŋ/  /j/  /w/  /n/

/p/ —– put, pat, pot, peg, pit, push, wrapper, pass, place, happen, party

/b/ —- but, bet, book, boom, boost, bay, baby, rob, bad, bat, back, abort, about, abide

/ʈ/ —– ten, tap, tomb, table, take, tack, track

/d/ —- dam, do, cord, draft, powder, advert, kid, deep, dim, divide, diary, dark, middle, paddle

/k/ —– kid, kiss, cock, fix, six, choir, chord, require, back, calculate, kit, chasm

/g/ —– game, goggle, got, gum, gay, guy, example, get, rogue, girl, grow

/ʧ/ —– fetch, match, march, rich, reach, nature, pasture, patch, chain, choice, children,

/ʤ/ —– gin, joy, edge, badge, jaw, jest, jeep, gem, general, gentle, page, judge, jam, giant

/f/ —— tough, fall, phone, elephant, photo, food, fleet, fault

/v/ —– very, nephew, of, value, vice, voice, van, view, prove, visible

/θ/ —– thin, think, three, threw, though, length, breath, theatre, theme, thick, thicket,  third, thrust

/ð/ —– the, father, mother, them, that, thine, bathe, then, rather, this, there

/s/  —– science, class, fast, slow, city, pass, dress, psychology, lace, face, pastor, taste, set

/z/ —— zoo, zoom, lazy, zigzag, zinc, close, rose, represent, reason, candies, laze, raise, zebra, easy

/∫/ —— chalet, chateau, charade, machine, education, social, palatial, mission, short, sure, passion pressure

/Ӡ/ —— garage, measure, treasure, leisure, television, vision, confusion, decision, fusion, pleasure, division, closure, usual

/h/ —–  house, home, harrow, harassment

/Ɩ/ —— look, late, life, lake, lift, later, letter, local, lion, low, love, lame, lie

/r/ —— robe, right, reflex, run, carry, merry, bright, story, bury, rite, wrong,    wrote, radio

/m/ —— flame, hammer, man, malt, make, come, mother, magic

/ŋ/ —— bang, uncle, bank, sing, long, king, zinc, single, thank

/j/ ——- you, yawn, yellow, yam, union, use, yes, university

/w/ —— one, wine, when, suite, quit, work, what, where, which, wife

/n/ —— know, night, knight, knowledge, banner

ASPECT: Structure

TOPIC: The Use of ‘Even Though’ and ‘At Least’

‘Even though’ and ‘at least’ are subordinating conjunction used to introduce a subordinating clause.

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