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  1. Speech Work: Consonant Sound /h/
  2. Vocabulary Development: Prefixes (Word Building using Antonyms)
  3. Comprehension: ‘Before you Build your House’ (NOSEC, pages 101 – 102)
  4. Structure: Expressing Ability (using can, be able, to be capable of)

ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Consonant Sound /h/

Description of the Consonant Sound /h/

The /h/ sound only occurs before a vowel. It is produced by expelling air from the mouth (not the mouth). The sound is therefore not voiced. If you can blow out a candle with your mouth open, you can easily produce the /h/ sound. Some Nigerians do not have the /h/ sound in their own language. Other speakers sometimes ‘drop’ the /h/, or use it in the wrong place.

Listen and repeat:

Where h is voiced e.g. house, help, hen, etc. Voiceless – hour, honour, hones, etc)

/h/ voiced

house, home, harrow hat, help, hen, horse, hospital, etc.

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