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  1. The Meaning of Justice
  2. Types of Justice
  3. The Meaning of Selflessness
  4. Qualities of Selflessness
  5. Incidences of Selflessness



The Meaning of Justice

Justice is an intrinsic value. It is simply defined as the consistent and transparent will to render everyone what is due to them. Justice is usually associated with equity (fair judgment without prejudice) and equality (an act of applying the same standard or yardstick as stipulated by law to all fairly). Justice is the bedrock of peace, progress and development.

Types of Justice

The following are the types of justice:

  1. Personal Justice: This type of justice regulates and balances the free will of man and how he uses his will power.
  2. Communative Justice: This regulates the contractual relationship, exchanges, business and commercial activities among individuals or between one community or company and another.
  3. Legal Justice: It obliges those with legislative power to ensure justice and the achievement of the common good of society through the enactment of laws that are fair, honest, just and morally possible to observe.

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