1. Definition of Keyboard
  2. Keyboard Setting
  3. Tones and Semitones
  4. Enharmonic Notes

Definition of Keyboard

Keyboard refers to an arranged set of keys or notes. Some musical instruments are known as keyboards because they have similar arrangement of the keys. These instruments are piano, organ (harmonium) and accordion. Others include melodion or pianica,clavichord, harpsichord, spinet, and so on.

Keyboard Setting

The keyboard consists of white and black keys or notes. The white notes or keys are called ‘Naturals’. They produce clear natural sounds. The black keys are found between the white keys or notes. They derive their names from the white keys immediately before them or after them. Thus, the black note or key after C is called C sharp (C#). This same key or note can as well derive its name from the next white key, D. In this instant it is called D flat (D). Similarly, the black key, between D and E is either called D sharp (D#)  or E flat (E)

You can now see that the black keys have more than one name, e.g.

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