1. Meaning of Local Government
  2. Reasons of the Creation of Local Government
  3. Functions of Local Government
  4. Systems of Local Government


Meaning of Local Government

Local government is government at a local level of established by an act of parliament or statue, decree or edict, charged with administrative and executive duties on matters concerning the inhabitants of a particular district, and given the power to make  by-laws for their purpose.

It can also be defined as government at the local level established by law to perform specific functions within defined areas.

Reasons of the Creation of Local Government

Local governments are created for the following reasons:

  1. Participatory Democracy: Local government provides an opportunity for the citizens to practice the democratic form of government in their community.
  2. Bringing Government closer to the citizens: Local governments are created to enable them to fashion out good policies and programmes which the local communities require.
  3. Equitable socio-economic development: They are created to serve as a means of distributing the resources of the country equitably for the socio-economic development of the localities.

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