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  1. Roles of Traditional Rulers in Local Government
  2. The 1976 Local Government Reforms
  3. Problems of Local Government
  4. Measures to Improve Local Government Administration


Roles of Traditional Rulers in Local Government

The traditional rulers have the following roles:

  1. To advise local government authority on matters referred to them by elected councils
  2. To discuss common problems facing the community and make suggestions to the local government authority.
  3. They mobilize the people of their community on the need to support the local government authority in the area for the purpose of community development.
  4. They are seen as the representative of the government at the grass-root level.
  5. They also help the governor, Local Government chairman by working together with them to ensure stability, peace and good government in their area.
  6. Traditional rulers are to advise and determine customary laws and practices in all matters referred to them including land matters and Chieftaincy issues.
  7. They also give advice to policy makers as regards how a certain policy might affect the people of a community.

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