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  1. The Kano Riot of 1953
  2. The Eastern Region Constitution Crisis of 1953
  3. The Census Crises of 1962/63
  4. The Action Group Crisis in Western Region 1962


The Kano Riot of 1953

Causes of the Kano Riot of 1953

  1. A member of the action group in the Federal House of Representatives in 1953, Chief Anthony Enahoro moved a motion on the floor of the House that Nigeria should attain self-governance by 1956. The Northern people congress opposed the motion on the ground that the motion should be changed to as soon as practicable this stand was opposed by the AG and the NCNC.
  2. The northern delegates were booed and humiliated on the streets of Lagos while returning to their areas after the motion.
  3. In anticipation that the proposed amendment would succeed because of the numerical strength of the NPC in the house, members of the NCNC and the AG walked out of the house.
  4. Due to the fact that the AG was not comfortable with the views expressed by the NPC, the AG sent a delegation to the north on the need for the motion of self- government to be adopted
  5. Another cause of the riot was the planned secession of the northerners if their demands were not met
  6. The northerners were against the Igbos for their dominance of the economic activities in the northern part of Nigeria.

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