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  1. Measurement and Units of Measurement
  2. Measurement of Distances: (i) Measurement of Straight Line Distances (ii) Measurement of Curved or Winding Distance
  3. Conversion of Map Distances: (i) Conversion from Map Distance to Actual Distance (ii) Conversion from Actual Distance to Map Distance


Measurement and Units of Measurement

Measurement of Distances

There are two types of distance that can be measured on the map.

Measurement of Straight Line Distances

This is the measurement of distance between two places on a straight line. A straight line distance is usually referred to as “as the crow flies” i.e. on a straight route or way.

Map Distances - Straight Line Distance

Straight Line

Procedure of Measuring Straight Line Distances
  1. Locate the two places or points involved in question on the map.
  2. Measure the distance between the two places with a ruler
  3. Relate the distance measured in centimeter on the map to the scale of the map.


Calculate the distance as the crow flies from point A to point B.

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