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  1. Map Copying
  2. Map Reduction
  3. Map Enlargement
  4. Scale Size


Map Copying

Map copying is the ability to reproduce a given map extract as it is initially. This can best be done with the use of GRID LINES.

Grid Lines are lines drawn vertically and horizontally on map extracts. The lines are used to enlarge or reduce the original map to a given size, and to determine the position of a place or feature accurately. The distance between grid lines must be the same.

The number of grid lines should be in two digits figure such as 10, 15, 20, 25 etc.

Map Reduction and Enlargement - Map Copying - Grid Lines

Vertical grid lines are numbered from west to east and it is called ‘easting’ because they increase towards the east. The horizontal grid lines are numbered from south to north and called ‘northing’ because they increase towards the north. The combination of eastings and northings produces a four figure or six figure grid lines.

In the use of grid lines, the easting is read first while the northing is read last.

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