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  1. Meaning of Map Scales
  2. Types of Scales
  3. Conversion of Scale


Meaning of Map Scales

A map scale expresses the relationship between the distance or size of objects on a map and the actual distance or size of the objects on the ground. In another words, it is the ratio or relationship between measurement on the map and the actual measurement on the ground. For example, if the scale of a map is 1cm to 1km, it means that for every 1km on the ground, it is represented by 1cm on the paper.


Types of Scales

There are three types of scales namely; statement of scale, representative fraction or ratio scale (RF) and linear scale.

Statement of Scale

This is a scale usually expressed as the ratio of map size to the actual size of an area in words. The statement scale can be stated in different ways. For example, one centimetre to represent two kilometres or 1cm to 1km.

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