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OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

  • give the meaning of the following terms: map, map scale and map reading.
  • mention at least three types of maps.
  • name and explain the three types of map scales.
  • Explainhow linear scale, representative fraction and statement scale are used.



A map is a representation of the earth’s surface as it is seen from above on paper (showing countries, towns, roads, rivers, etc.). It can also be defined as a drawing made on paper, of the earth’s surface or part of it, showing countries, towns, roads, rivers, etc.

Types of maps

There are so many types of maps, which includes:-

  1. Topographical maps (are specifically used in map reading)
  2. Atlas maps
  3. Plan maps
  4. Sketch maps

Map reading

This is the ability to recognize conventional signs and symbols on a map and to interpret what those signs and symbols mean or represent.

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