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OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

  • describe small scale map and large scale map.
  • describe and explain the procedures for measuring a straight distance and a curved distance.
  • convert from one map scale to another.
  • convert from map distance to actual ground distance.
  • convert from actual ground distance to map distance.


Conversion of one scale to another.

In map work, one scale can be converted to another.

To convert from statement scale to R.F.

  1. Write out the statement scale clearly.
  2. Write the two parts of the scale in the same unit, usually in the lowest unit of the measurement.
  3. Write the scale as fraction with distance on the map as numerator and the ground distance as the denominator.
  4. Divide out the fraction till the numerator is just one (1).

Examples: Convert the following statement scale to R.F.

  1. 1 cm to 1km
  2. 2 cm to 1 km



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