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  1. Definition of Marketing
  2. Importance of Livestock Marketing
  3. Stages of Agricultural Marketing
  4. Common Marketing Channels
  5. Agents in Livestock Marketing: Producers/Farmers;  Wholesalers; Retailers; Middlemen; Co-operative Societies; Marketing Boards
  6. Marketing Channels for Live Animals and Animal Products: Cattle Marketing; Sheep and Goats Marketing; Marketing of Pigs; Poultry Marketing
  7. Mode of Transporting Animals and Animal Products
  8. Problems of Agricultural Marketing


Definition of Marketing

Agricultural marketing involves all the stages of operations which aid the movement of agricultural produce/commodities from the farms to the final consumers. Marketing involves assembling, storing, transporting, processing, grading of goods and financing of all these activities. It also involves the supply of raw materials to processing industries and sales of processed products.

Marketing of Animal Products

Importance of Livestock Marketing

Livestock marketing is important for the following reasons:

  1. Marketing ensures availability of seasonal products at off seasons.
  2. It creates a link between farmers and the final consumers.
  3. Marketing locates areas of surplus products and relocate the excess products the areas of shortage.

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