JSS1 Mathematics Scheme of Work for First Term




  • (a) Development of Number System:
    (Roman numerals, counting boards, abacus, etc.)
  • (b) Place Value:
    Whole Numbers and Decimal Fractions
  • (c) Counting:
    Tens, Hundreds… Trillions
  • (d) Translating Numbers Written in Figures to Words and Vice Versa
  • (e) Quantitative Reasoning:
    Simple coding, etc.
  • (a) Order of Operations:
  • (b) Use of Number Line
  • (c) Addition and Subtraction with Place Value
  • (d) Addition and Subtraction of Positive and Negative Numbers
  • (a) Multiplication of Positive and Negative Numbers
  • (b) Division of Integers
  • (c) Word Problems
  • (a) Rules of Divisibility
  • (b) Definitions:
    Even, Odd, Prime and Composite Numbers
  • (c) Factors, Multiples and Index Form
  • (d) LCM and HCF of Given Whole Numbers
  • (e) Quantitative Reasoning
  • (a) Counting in Groups of Twos
  • (b) Conversion of Base 10 Numerals to Binary Numbers
  • (a) Definition and Types of Fractions
  • (b) Conversion of Fractions to Decimals and Vice versa
  • (c) Conversion of Fractions to Percentages and Vice versa


  • (a) Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
  • (b) Multiplication and Division of Fractions
  • Revision of work done in First Term

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