JSS1 Mathematics Scheme of Work for Second Term





  • Revision of work done in the previous term
  • (a) Estimation of Dimensions and Distances
  • (b) Estimation of the Capacity and Mass of Objects
  • (c) Estimation of Other Things
    e.g. age, time, square root and cube root, etc.
  • (d) Quantitative Reasoning Involving Estimation
  • (a) Rounding Off (Rounding Up and Rounding Down)
  • (b) Approximating the Results of Addition and Subtraction
  • (c) Approximating the Results of Multiplication and Division
  • (a) Rounding Off Numbers to the Nearest Whole Numbers,
    10, 100, 1000, 0.5, 0.1, etc.
  • (b) Application of Approximation in Everyday Life
  • (c) Quantitative Reasoning Involving Approximation
  • (a) Addition of Two or Three Digit Binary Numbers
  • (b) Subtraction of Two or Three Digit Binary Numbers
  • Multiplication of Two or Three Digit Binary Numbers
  • (a) Open Sentences
  • (b) Use of Letters to Represent Symbols and Shapes in Open Sentences
  • (c) Solving Open Sentences with Two Arithmetic Operations
  • (d) Quantitative Reasoning
  • (a) Basic Arithmetic Operations Applied to Algebraic Expressions of Similar Terms
  • (b) Collection and Simplification of Like and Unlike Terms in Algebraic Expressions
  • (c) Use of Brackets 
  • (d) Quantitative Reasoning
  • (a) Meaning of Equation
  • (b) Solving Simple Equations
  • (c) Translation of Word Problems into Equations and Vice versa
  • (d) Solving word Problems
  • Revision of work done in Second Term

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