JSS1 Mathematics Scheme of Work for Third Term





  • Revision of work done in the previous term
  • (a) Identification of Common Plane Shapes
  • (b) Properties of Circles and Triangles
  • (c) Properties of Quadrilaterals:
    Square, rectangle, trapezium, rhombus, parallelogram, kite
  • (d) Identification and Naming of Polygons
  • (e) Similarities and Differences between Regular Quadrilaterals
  • (a) Perimeter of Circles and Triangles.
  • (b) Perimeter of Regular Quadrilaterals and Polygons
  • (c) Perimeter of Irregular Shapes
  • (a) Area of Circles and Triangles
  • (b) Area of Regular Quadrilaterals
  • (c) Area of Irregular Shapes
  • (a) Identification and Naming of Solids
  • (b) Basic Properties of Prisms (cubes, cuboids and cylinders)
  • (c) Basic Properties of Pyramids and Cones
  • (d) Basic properties of Spheres
  • (e) Volume of Cubes and Cuboids
  • (f) Net of Shapes:
    Drawing and Making Nets of Shapes
  • (a) Construction of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
  • (b) Bisection of a Given Line Segment 
  • (c) Construction of Angles 90° and 60°
  • (a) Naming of Angles:
    (Acute, Right, Complementary, Obtuse, Straight, Supplementary Reflex Angles and Angle at a Point)
  • (b) Units and Measurement of Angles
  • (c) Angles between Lines:
    (Vertically Opposite, Angle on a Straight Line and Angle at a Point)
  • (d) Angles between Parallel Lines:
    (Adjacent, Alternate and Corresponding Angles)
  • (a) (i) The Purpose of Statistics
    (ii) The Need for Collecting Data for Planning Purposes
  • (b) Collection of Data in Class
  • (c) Presentation of Data
    (Rank-ordered List, Frequency Table, Pictogram, Bar Chart and Interpretation of Pie Chart
  • (a) Mean
    (Listed and Tabulated Data Values)
  • (b) Median
  • (c) Mode of a Given Set of Data
  • Revision of work done in third term

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