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Meaning of Rescue Operations

Rescue operations can be described as any effort put in place, which acts as a remedy for a bad situation either to save life or properties or both as the case may be. Rescue operations may also be defined as the procedures and processes involved in planning, reaching and extricating trapped victims of disaster and safely managing both casualties and hazards at the sight of the incidence.

Rescue Workers

The rescue workers are grouped under two categories, namely the sympathizing responders and rescue agencies set up by the government to respond to distress calls in the event of an emergency or accident.

1. Sympathizing responders

2. Rescue agencies which include:

(i) NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency)

(ii) FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps)

(iii) Federal and State Ambulance workers

(iv) Road Rescue Marshal

(v) NPF (Nigerian Police Force)

(vi) NRCS (Nigerian Red Cross Society)

(vii) Federal and State Fire Service

(viii) NSCDC (National Security and Civil Defence Corps)


Aspects of Rescue Operations

  1. Preparation and selection of rescue equipment
  2. Establishment and management of safe rescue scenes
  3. Securing the environments
  4. Securing the vehicles
  5. Securing the victims
  6. Management and transfer of casualties


Aims/Purposes of Rescue Operations

  1. It is to supply a prompt response that will minimize human suffering from injuries.

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