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Meaning of Discipline

Discipline simply refers to the attitude of doing the right thing at the right time. A disciplined man will reject wickedness and speak out when a crime is being committed. Such a person will obey all constituted authorities and behave in a controlled way even in difficult situations.


Attributes of a Disciplined Person

A disciplined person exhibits the following qualities. He or she:

(i) is honest and tolerant

(ii) is orderly

(iii) has respect for legitimate authority

(iv) has respect for rules and regulations

(v) is patient

(vi) is dedicated to duties

(vii) is modest

(viii) has self-control(can control his or her emotions)

(ix) is dedicated

(x) has the spirit of perseverance.



  1. Define Discipline
  2. List and explain five attributes of a disciplined person.

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