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  1. Meaning of Subsistence and Commercial Agriculture
  2. Characteristics of Subsistence Agriculture
  3. Characteristics of Commercial Agriculture
  4. Differences between Subsistence and Commercial Agriculture
  5. Problems of Subsistence Farming
  6. Problems of Commercial Agriculture

Meaning of Subsistence and Commercial Agriculture

Basically, agriculture is of two types. All farmers are not the same. Some are rich while others are poor; some have large areas of land while others have very limited land space. The differences among all farmers help to categorize agriculture into two major types, namely subsistence and commercial agriculture.

Subsistence Agriculture (Subsistence Farming)

Subsistence farming is the type of agriculture whereby a farmer cultivates the soil and rears animals in order to produce food enough to feed himself and his family, with little or none left for to be sold.

Commercial Agriculture (Commercial Farming)

This is the type of farming which involves the production of cash crops and animals in large quantity. Food are produced mainly for sale with a motive to make maximum profit. Commercial agriculture is therefore a profit-oriented venture/enterprise.

Characteristics of Subsistence Agriculture

The following are the characteristic features of subsistence agriculture:

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