1. Meaning of Pasture
  2. Meaning of Forage Crops
  3. Meaning of Fodder
  4. Importance of Pastures
  5. Qualities of a Good Pasture


Meaning of Pasture

Pasture is a piece of land on which grasses and/or legume crops are naturally found or deliberately grown for feeding livestock. Another definition, pasture refers to an area of land covered with forage crops which are usually grasses and legumes that are grazed or fed on by livestock such as goat, sheep and cattle.


Meaning of Forage Crops

Forage crops are plants cultivated for their vegetative portions and used in fresh or preserved forms for feeding livestock. Forage may therefore be growing grass, legumes, shrubs, hay or silage.


Meaning of Fodder

Fodder is any coarsely chopped grass or legume in dry or fresh form that is cut, carried and fed to farm animals usually cattle sheep goats pigs camels donkeys, horses etc.


Importance of Pastures

Pastures are important for the following reasons:

  1. Source of feed for ruminant animals
  2. Conservation of soil moisture
  3. Legumes serves as cover crops to prevent erosion
  4. Serves as green manure
  5. Serves as bedding materials.

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