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Meaning of Courage

Courage refers to the act of exercising boldness in carrying out a given task in a particular situation. It is a firmness of mind to finish a task in the face of oppositions, obstacles and challenges. A courageous person does and says what he or she thinks is right at all times without fear or timidity.


Types of Courage

  1. PHYSICAL COURAGE: This is the willingness to use our physical strength or energy to get things done such as lifting an object, fighting, wrestling cutting grasses or cutting down of trees etc
  2. MORAL COURAGE: This is the ability to do what is right irrespective of pressure to do otherwise such as the ability to challenge any form of injustices in the society
  3. SPIRITUAL COURAGE: This is the ability or courage to exercise and exhibit one’s spiritual faith in the living God and live according to the tenets of the religion.


Attributes of a Courageous Person

A Courageous person possesses the following attributes.

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