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  1. Types of Metalwork Machines.
  2. Functions of the Different Types of Machines.

Definition of Machine Tools

A machine tool is a machine that cut metals and perform some other operations by manipulation of its parts. The five basic machine tools are:

  1. Lathe
  2. Shaper and planer
  3. Milling machine
  4. Grinding machine
  5. Drill press


It is of two kinds; the vertical and horizontal milling machine. It can be used to perform what is called up-cut or down-cut. Using either method, the machine is used to:

  1. Cut gear
  2. Cut grooves
  3. Cut splints.

Metalwork machines - the milling machineMilling Machine


Drill press is used for boring or drilling holes in thick metals whose diameter is beyond 25mm. The drill press has its essential features:

  1. An electric motor which drives the drill.
  2. A variable vee-belt that can be changed to select different speed.
  3. A hand lever controlling the up and down movement of drill.

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