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  1. Production of Metals
  2. Alloy Steels
  3. Processing of Non-ferrous Metals
  4. Types of Furnace
  5. Metal Alloys
  6. Forms of Metals

Definition of Metallic Materials

Metallic materials are materials which are referred to as good conductors of heat and electricity. Metals are gotten from Iron ore which is the raw material for metal production. The iron ore is dug from the ground along with the impurities (coke, hot air, limestone with iron ore).

Production of Metals

When the iron ore is dug up from the ground, it cannot be used as it contains some impurities, it undergoes certain processes during which these impurities are removed and other substances are added. Since these impurities cannot be removed from iron-ore in its solid state, it is converted into a liquid state by heating. This process is known as smelting. The equipment used for this process is called a furnace. After removing these impurities from Iron Ore, the product left is called pig-iron. The Pig iron in its ordinary state cannot be used without further processing; this is because pig iron contains saturated iron and carbon.

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