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  1. The 1985 Military Coup
  2. Structure of the Babangida Government
  3. Achievements of the Babangida Administration
  4. Failures of the Babangida Administration
  5. The Abacha Administration
  6. Structure of the Abacha Administration
  7. Some Achievements of the Abacha administration
  8. Failures of Abacha’s Government
  9. The Regime of General Abdusalam Abubakar
  10. Structure of the Abubakar Regime
  11. Achievements of Abubakar’s Regime
  12. Failures of Abubakar’s Regime

The 1985 Military Coup

The bloodless coup that took place on 27 August 1985 brought in Major General (later General) Ibrahim Babangida as head of state (later president) and commander­in-chief of the Nigerian armed forces. Babangida retained most of the personnel of the Buhari regime, in one form or another.

Military Rule in Nigeia - General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida

General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida

Reasons for the 1985 Coup

General Babangida accused the Buhari regime of failing to revamp the national economy that had declined so much during the civilian rule of 1979-83. Babangida also complained of massive fraud in the issuance of import licences and counter-trade agreement.

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