JSS1 Music Scheme of Work for First Term




  • (a) Definition of Music
  • (b) Meaning of Sound
  • (c) Sources of Music
  • (d) Uses of Music/The Impact of Music on Human Life
  • The Elements of Music
  • (a) Folk Music, Classical Music, Sacred Music, Popular Music, Martial Music and Arts Music
  • (b) Classification of Music:
    Description of Groups or Classes of Music
    – Vocal Music, Instrument Music and Dance
  • (a) Musical Alphabets A, B, C, D, E, F, G
  • (b) Staff:
    (i) Definition of Staff
    (ii) Letter Names of Lines and Spaces
    [Treble Staff] and [ Bass Staff]
  • (a) Description 0f the Recorder
  • (b) The Recorder Family
  • (c) Holding the Recorder
  • (i) Definition of Clef
    (ii) Kinds of Clef
    – G clef or Treble Clef, F clef or Bass Clef
  • (i) Description of Great Staff or Stave
    (ii) Letter Names of Lines and Spaces
    (iii) Great Stave and the Keyboard
  • Life and Works of G.F. Handel
  • Singing
  • Revision of work done in First Term

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