JSS1 Music Scheme of Work for Second Term





  • Revision of work done in the previous term
  • Musical Notes and their Values
  • Musical Rest and their Values
  • (i) Definition of Time Signature
    (ii) Types of Time Signature
    (iii) Classifications of Time Signature
  • (i) Description of Folk Music Songs
    (ii) Western Folk songs
    (iii) Nigerian Folk Songs
    (iv) Singing of Folk Songs
  • (a) Names of Nigerian Instruments
  • (b) Classification of Musical Instruments
    – Idiophones, Aerophones, Membranophone and Chordophones
  • Traditional Musical Instruments/Making of Local Musical Instruments
  • (i) Fingering the Recorder
    (ii) Playing the Recorder
    (iii) Fingering for the Right Hand
  • (a) Composers of the Baroque Period
  • (b) Life and Works of Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Revision of work done in Second Term

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