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  1. Meaning of Nationalism
  2. Effects of Nationalism in Nigeria
  3. Factors that Led to the Rise and Growth of Nationalism in Nigeria
  4. Some Key Nationalist Leaders and their Contributions to Nationalism
  5. Methods Used by Nationalists in their Opposition to British Rule in Nigeria/West Africa


Meaning of Nationalism

Nationalism can be defined as a strong feeling of national consciousness and love for one’s country to take care of its own affairs and be free from foreign control and domination. During colonial period, it was seen as opposition to European domination. Nationalism is struggle against oppression and domination, struggle for equality and political participation and self- government. It can be described as a movement for national independence. During colonial rule in Africa nationalism was centred on the desire of African people to be free from colonialism and to attain self- government.

Effects of Nationalism in Nigeria

  1. It led to an increased participation of Nigerians in politics and this in turn led to the inclusion of Nigerians in the legislative and executive councils.

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