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Meaning of Federation

A federation is a political system whereby a group of states come together to form a single and stronger country. Nigeria is a good example of a federation. You often hear “The Federal Republic of Nigeria”. Nigeria is made up of one central government with 36 states and 774 local governments. Other examples of countries that are  federations include: USA, Canada, Argentina, Malaysia, India, etc.Nigeria as a federation - political map of Nigeria

Map of Nigeria

The Needs for Federation

States need federation for the following reasons:

1. To pool the resources of all states together: There is need for federation as no one state can produce all its needs alone. This will lead to larger economic growth and development.

2. To promote national integration and unity: There may be need for federation in order to make people of different languages, duties and religion to come together and work in unity.

3. To control the activities of the state: A country may need a federation in order prevent the states from withering away.

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