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OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson students should be able to:

  • draw an outline map of Nigeria showing the 36 states and capitals, Federal Capital Territory, neighbouring countries, longitude and latitude.
  • give a brief history about Nigeria’s creation.
  • describe the size and location of Nigeria in relation to other countries in West Africa.
  • make cardboard paper models of the map of Nigeria showing states, capitals and FCT.


Location: Nigeria is located between 40N and 140N of the Equator and between 30E and 150E of the Greenwich meridian. Therefore, the latitudinal extent or stretch of Nigeria is about 10o (14oN- 40N) while the longitudinal extent or stretch is 120 (150E – 30E).

Position: Nigeria is in West Africa. She is bounded in the west by Benin Republic, in the north by Niger Republic, in the east by Cameroun Republic, in the north-east by Chad Republic and in the south by Atlantic Ocean.

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