1. Meaning of Foreign Policy
  2. Factors Affecting Nigeria’s Foreign Policy
  3. The Aims and Objectives of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy
  4. Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Since IndependenceNon-alignment
  5. Nigeria and Non-alignment

Nigeria’s Foreign Policy

Meaning of Foreign Policy

Foreign policy refers to the strategy and tactics employed by a state in conducting her relationship with other states while pursuing her national interest.

It can also be referred to as a set of objectives which a government seeks to achieve through its relations with governments of other countries and international organizations.


Factors Affecting Nigeria’s Foreign Policy

  1. History: Nigeria has a strong link with Britain and some western European powers due to her colonial experience.
  2. Geographical location: the location of Nigeria in west Africa determines her relationship with other countries.
  3. Population: Nigeria is a diverse country with large population. This affects her foreign policy.
  4. National interest: security of lives, territorial integrity and socio-economic developments are part of Nigeria National interest influence her foreign policy.

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