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  1. Types of Printers
  2. Comparative Study of Common Printers


Types of Printers

There are various types of printers, depending on the technology they use in printing on paper or other material medium. They can be categorized into two namely:  Impact Printers and Non-Impact printers

Impact Printers

This type of printing devices creates an image by using some mechanism to physically press an inked ribbon against the paper, thereby causing the ink to be deposited on the page in the shape desired. They tend to be noisy when they are in use.

Examples of impact printers are:

  1. Dot-Matrix Printer: These types of printers form each character as a group of small dots, using group of wire located in the printing element. They are also known as dot character printers.
  2. Line Printers: They print line by line. The disadvantages of line printers are that they cannot print graphics, the print quality is low, and they are very noisy.

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