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  1. The Meaning of Party System
  2. Meaning of Manifesto
  3. The Difference between Political Parties and Party System
  4. Types of Party System


The Meaning of Party System

Party system refers to the number of parties that compete for power and consequent control of governmental machinery in a polity. The entire group of parties in a country forms the political party system. The party system reflects the pattern of relationships between individual parties in relation to each other. For instance PDP, SDP, APC, LP etc. forms a party system. The party and electoral laws also exercise considerable influence on the configuration of the party system depending on how liberal and free or restrictive the creation of new parties have been laid out and if the electoral system facilitates the representation of a larger number of parties in the parliament or not. Yet, in pre-democratic times the existence of one party provoked at least the emergence of another party. Throughout history, party systems have in principle developed along social and/or ideological lines of conflict. Party systems can be classified by different criteria.

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