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  1. Meaning of Pasture and Forage Crops
  2. Uses of Forage/Pasture Crops
  3. Types of Pasture
  4. Common Grasses and Legumes
  5. Description of Grasses and Legumes
  6. Factors Affecting the Distribution and Productivity of Pasture
  7. Establishment and Management of Pasture
  8. Determination of Plant Population

Meaning of Pasture and Forage Crops

A pasture is an area of land on which grasses and legumes (forages) grow for animals to graze. Forage crops are plants cultivated for their vegetative portions in a pasture and are used either in fresh or preserved for feeding livestock such as cattle, sheep and goat. They may be harvested and fed to the animals in their shed (soiling/zero grazing) or animals are allowed to graze directly on the field. Pasture and forage crops  

Uses of Forage/Pasture Crops

Forage and pasture crops are used for the following:
  1. Forages account for a major source of food for ruminant animals
  2. They serve as cover crops to conserve soil moisture and prevent soil erosion.
  3. They could be used as green manure e.g forage legumes
  4. They can be used for roofing farm stead e.g grasses
  5. They can also be used as bedding materials for animals
  6. They can fix atmospheric nitrogen into the soil
  7. Forage legumes increase proteins content of the pasture, add to palatability as well as increasing the nitrogen content of the soil.
  8. If properly managed and planned, it could be a source of balanced diet.
  1. What do you understand by the term pasture?
  2. State five importances of forages in livestock production.

Types of Pasture

There are two main types of pasture: the natural and artificial pastures: 1. The Natural Pasture: The Natural Pasture otherwise known as range land is an extensive grassland containing forage grasses and legumes, straws and other wildlife. An example of Natural Pasture is Savanna areas. They are not planted by man.

Characteristics of Natural Pasture

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