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  1. Definition of Plateau
  2. Types of Plateaux
  3. Mode of Formation and Characteristics of Plateaux
  4. Importance of Plateaux


Definition of Plateau

Plateaux are elevated upland with extensive flat or level surface which usually descends sharply to the surrounding lowlands. They are sometimes referred to as table land. They are tabular in shape, steep-sided with rough and irregular surfaces.


Types of Plateaux

There are three types of plateaux based on their mode of formation. These are: Tectonic plateau, Volcanic or lava plateau and Dissected plateau.


  1. Define plateau.
  2. State three (3) types of plateaux.


Tectonic Plateau

Mode of Formation

Tectonic Plateau is found as a result of earth movement which causes the uplift of some areas and the depression of others. The Uplifted areas of land form tectonic plateau while the depressed areas form basins undulated land form. They are normally of a considerable size, and fairly uniform altitude. Tectonic plateau is of two types namely; tale land and Intermont.

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